James Berkeley Launches Ellice Consulting

Ellice to Accelerate Profitable Growth In Expansive Firms

London, England- 15th November, 2013

James Berkeley, Founder and Managing Director, today announced the launch of ELLICE CONSULTING LIMITED. ELLICE CONSULTING LIMITED will provide powerful ideas, insights and approaches to CEOs, COOs and profit centre heads in dynamic mid to large-sized businesses seeking to dramatically accelerate sales and profitable growth in high-growth markets.

"Companies are striving to exploit profitable growth opportunities, whether it is a new product, consumer segment, industry sector or geographic market. Many executives and organisations face two distinct challenges, which we are ideally placed to help them resolve rapidly:

  • A lack of internal capability to determine the shortest route to their profitable growth goals. Executives are placing a premium on external expertise that has both a breadth and depth of industry and process knowledge.
  • Given the complexity, and multiple touch points of these investments, powerful alliances between internal company teams and a mix of external experts are critical to success, yet extremely hard to orchestrate in the real world. Larger advisory and consulting firms are inflexible, production-capability driven and come with excessive overhead.

Our aim is to take on a small number of assignments for a select group of clients, who want to achieve unprecedented results and enjoy a peer-level relationship with us", said Berkeley.

James Berkeley has over 20 years experience dramatically increasing sales and profit while minimising client acquisition costs for executives and senior/mid-level management at Caesars Entertainment, Ericsson, Hilton Worldwide, Carlson and over 30 market-leading organisations around the world. Ellice Consulting provides profit centre heads with "interpersonal" resources (coaching, facilitation, conflict resolution, negotiation, skills development), "group" resources (leadership, succession planning, career development, communications and feedback) and "organisational improvement" resources (strategy, innovation, culture and change management, crisis management).

For additional information, contact:

James Berkeley, Managing Director
Name of Company: Ellice Consulting Ltd
Phone: +44 (0)2034405072
Web Site: www.elliceconsulting.com
E-Mail: james@elliceconsulting.com

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